Robots In The Classrooms?

Robots are now used as teachers in countries such as South Korea. The gradual introduction of robotic biotechnology will be as acceptable to humanity as internet in the next decade. Within the next 5 years the appearance of robots will be un-distinguishable from humans. And within 15-25 years it will be impossible to tell a human from a robot or cyborg as far as emotional communication is concerned.

Robots Designed To make Their Own Decisions?

One of the biggest misconceptions about robots and AI is that they are being designed only according to our human plans: purpose driven programs. While there are quite a few robots that have specific tasks such as warfare, civil control, home comforts, entertainment, etc, our concern is about another type of AI: a free thinking machine.

Today complicated algorithms are created for robots to think and behave independently. In other words, these robots with a hint of artificial intelligence are being designed to be independent, unpredictable and even emotional.

We are now programming them to learn on their own and make their own conclusions.

This human experiment reminds me of creating a masterpiece without an ability to edit and change it. In a poem, a script, a music composition, or an architectural design plunging into creativity heart first is vital. But without a logical editing part, all we have is a draft.

So here you have it now –an engineering AI masterpiece draft; splendid, unprecedented, yet so dangerous.

We humans are programmed to advance and to desire perfection. The unpredictability of our new baby; a designer baby AI is also similar to a human baby’s development. How much parents can predict about the future of their children? Very little: we might be accurate around 5 percent at most.

Ask any parent who has raised a few children and they will tell you how shocked and often disappointed they are at the way their offspring became. Did Stalin’s mother predict her baby boy would be remembered as a dictator who killed almost 100 million people? No, she did not.

Our humanity’s new baby is technology and AI. We are clueless how this new designer baby will one day behave and evolve.

2 Responses to Robots…

  1. MAA says:

    Thought provoking and interesting take. One thing a human built robot can never have– a soul. A spiritual soul is only created by one greater source of love. Hope humanity will create robots that is only capable to bringing love to the world:)

  2. Ryan Walsh says:

    “So here you have it now –an engineering AI masterpiece draft; splendid, unprecedented, yet so dangerous. ”

    Just Like Humans’
    Robots will have just as much of a struggle as mankind. There are Humans and there are Machines. I feel as though, these machines themselves already have life in them. Just not as apparent as other living things.