How Things Have Changed

Computer and internet became a true extention of ourselves. If someone began handling our laptop/ipod it would feel identical to someone pulling our hair or tossing our handwritten journal in a wastebasket. The same human brain that had once visualized a computer eventually created one. But here is an odd self-feeding program: an actual physical computer/digital information is slowly becoming part of our brain circuitery.

The Internet has become our library, our university, our clinic, our chat-room, our mailbox and our source of fantasy and entertainment. Soon the internet will become literaly an organic part of our brain: it will be connected to it directly.

I can only imagine the way we will behave in another 10 to 20 years: happy, engaged and stimulated by an unstoppable avalanche of digital information. We will hardly miss each other. We will no longer need one another. We will definetly no longer need teachers and parental advice.

Then what is a difference between a monk who can pacify or entertain himself with various images pulsing in the brain yet needing no one for his contentment and a future student downloaded with digital data full of inspirational or stimulational information? The line between the reality and fantasy is getting more and more blurry…Or is there a line at all?

3 Responses to How Things Have Changed

  1. Ryan Walsh says:

    Dont you own like a 50 inch TV? Why are you complaining??

    People who bitch about computers should be slapped. They are crucial, fast, and inevitable piece of equipment for all our entertainment needs.

    Only thing that will happen in the next 10-20 years. MAybe hologram type stuff. And video games themselves will be so much more detailed. Already there making and rendering better engines.
    The next line of playstations and xboxs will be super amazing detail. It will be 10 times more if not more! Detail. You will be able to see pebbles of rock on the ground instead of a flat boring texture of painted rocks on a ground.

  2. Ryan Walsh says:

    Not only are computers good for finding rescourses. I must say. I bought my cars off the internet. The place im renting off the internet. The Land I bought.. Off the internet. Found plenty of jobs off the internet. Heck Ive even found woman off the internet.

  3. Ryan Walsh says:

    To be honest. I wouldnt have found any of these things without the internet. So I owe gratitude to whoever made the internets.

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