Derren Brown

Derren Brown is a performer who combines magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship in order to seemingly predict and control human behaviour, as well as performing mind-bending feats of mentalism.

For the past ten years Derren has created TV and stage performances that have stunned audiences, debunked the paranormal and encouraged many to improve and enhance their own mental abilities.

I hugely respect Derren for his courage and honesty to reveal "the behind scenes" of mind control.

I believe that what psychologists are studying and writing he is able to prove to millions of people instantly.

I personally regard him as one of the greatest and most influential minds of this century who have acquainted the public to the powers and perils of the mind.

For anyone who works in the field of education, law, psychology and sociology most of his series of investigation is a must watch.

One Response to Derren Brown

  1. Ryan Walsh says:

    You do realize these are TV producers, And they will lie, steal, or cheat to gain the most viewers on there broadcasting television.
    They are all working together, making you falsely believe these things. So they can do better than other television shows’
    This is after-all just entertainment industry standards.

    There are thousands of shows like these.

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