Can We Recognize A Virtuoso?

A fantastic social experiment: A onetime child prodigy, at 39 Joshua Bell has arrived as an internationally acclaimed virtuoso. Three days before he appeared at the Metro station, Bell had filled the house at Boston's Symphony Hall, where seats went for over $100.

The event at the metro had been a test of whether ordinary people would recognize genius.

During his 43 minutes of playing he got $32.17 and apart from the last person who recognized Bell, mostly children wanted to stay longer to listen but their parents coaxed them to leave...

We are very busy. Too busy to listen to the young children and too busy to listen to the mature talents.

Many children whom I was mentoring including Akiane and Ilia , her brother, participated in various exhibitions that naturally became social experiments. And I have seen identical apathy and indifference towards art, dance, philosophy, humor, music and other creative endeavors in many Western Countries. Very... very... very... few recognize true talent and genius.

Then what about other children who have not developed their gifts but still want to share their skills with others? Just think about the blank world facing them!

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