Can Statistics Come Alive?


Worldometers was recently voted as one of the best free reference websites by the American Library Association.

It is truly hard to imagine how many people are born or die this particular minute. But what if you saw it in real time format, much of the thought-provoking world drama becomes much closer to home.

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  1. Ryan Walsh says:

    Ive said this before numerous times. That Canada will become a much more populated place, It will grow nearly 4-5times it size due to larger demand for oil here in Canada. Because we have the second largest oil Economy. Arabia comes in first’ And so the rush for oil in Canada will come. And becuase of more impending wars in middle east, Arabia itself and there oil economy know how to control and regulate our economies. Very much in a pivotal turning point in our time.

    All we can do as people. Is sit back and watch it all happen.

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