Brainwashed For Life?

In World War II, the Japanese would make some of their young soldiers beat innocent prisoners to death. Their friends would cheer them on. Afterwards, all these soldiers were treated to the most delicious meals and to so-called "comfort girls."

The result? They learned to associate violence with pleasure so they would continue their aggression.

The media is doing exactly the same to our children. Kids watch graphic images of human death and suffering and they learn to associate it with: laughter, cheers, pizza, popcorn, soda, the make-up and perfume.

Within two weeks four reputable professionals are programmed to steal. How much of a daily programming is injected in our brains for life! Think of our children: we program them with cravings for certain foods and smells already in the womb. How much choice do we really all have after decades upon decades of constant day to day "hypnosis"? Teachers and parents have enormous responsibility for children, but what if they, too, have been brainwashed for life?

One Response to Brainwashed For Life?

  1. Ryan Walsh says:

    Ye, We are brainwashed.
    I agree’ Finally. The foods in our grocery stores are brainwashin us. I love my coke cola’ I love my pizza.
    Im brainwashed that all these are good. But in the end there terribly sick for humans but what Can I do? During work hours and even in the mornings, Im drinking Energy Drinks.
    Yes they are all bad for me. I eat in-healthy for years and year. Im so depressed that I dont care. Ive tried carrying but it never lasts. Atleast I quit smoking and marijuana.
    Theres a next topic for yo.. Marijuana, how in TV Shows and in movies- its propagated to young teens all the time. Thats its amazing, that every teen should smoke it. Media is unreal therse days but then again. I play video games, something that is also bad. Like Minecraft, or World of tanks.

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