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The Yawalapiti Tribe

The Yawalapiti tribe, population 156; a happy, beautiful, healthy, loving, and peaceful tribe.

It was first contacted by the German anthropologist Karl von den Steinen in 1887. They separated among various tribes and now live in the Mato Grosso region of the Xingu National Park.

First Contact With The Toulambi

What happens when an undiscovered tribe meets a white man?

Sheer terror and amygdala impulse overload! Very rarely do we get such an opportunity to see firsthand how it happens; now we do thanks to one brave Belgian athropologist and his crew…

Happiness Game Rules

One anthropologist proposed a game to a remote African tribe. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree and told them that whoever would get there first would get to eat all the fruit. When the children were told to run they all took each other's hands and ran together!


Robots In The Classrooms? Robots are now used as teachers in countries such as South Korea. The gradual introduction of robotic biotechnology will be as acceptable to humanity as internet in the next decade. Within the next 5 years the appearance of robots will be un-distinguishable from humans. And within 15-25 years it will be impossible to tell a human from a robot or cyborg as far as emotional communication is concerned. Robots Designed To make Their Own Decisions? One of the biggest misconceptions about robots and AI is that they are being designed only according to our human plans: purpose driven programs. While there are quite a few robots that have specific tasks such as warfare, civil control, home comforts, entertainment, etc, our concern is about another type of AI: a free thinking machine. Today complicated algorithms are created for robots to think and behave independently. In other words, these robots with a hint of artificial intelligence are being designed to be independent, unpredictable and even emotional. We are now programming them to learn on their own and make their own conclusions. This human experiment reminds me of creating a masterpiece without an ability to edit and change it. In a poem, a script, a music composition, or an architectural design plunging into creativity heart first is vital. But without a logical editing part, all we have is a draft. So here you have it now –an engineering AI masterpiece draft; splendid, unprecedented, yet so dangerous. We humans are programmed to advance and to desire perfection. The unpredictability of our new baby; a designer baby AI is also similar to a human baby’s development. How much parents can predict about the future of their children? Very little: we might be accurate around 5 percent at most. Ask any parent who has raised a few children and they will tell you how shocked and often disappointed they are at the way their offspring became. Did Stalin’s mother predict her baby boy would be remembered as a dictator who killed almost 100 million people? No, she did not. Our humanity’s new baby is technology and AI. We are clueless how this new designer baby will one day behave and evolve.

Extremes Of Life Schooling

Tens of thousands of children live on the streets in India today. It would be great if children could participate in meaningful ways without violence at home or on the street. But today in the West, we associate any kind of physical work for children as terrible, this in turn discards children's desire to help others and be independent…

De Kas Restaurant

De Kas, a restaurant in a greenhouse (Netherlands) has over 45,000 visitors a year. This is exactly how I always had pictured the healthy way of eating; in a garden. Akiane and Mark (my daughter and husband) especially loved Amsterdam, the home of tulips and friendly people. A few centuries ago a tulip bulb cost more than a house. Today Netherlands export more cut flowers than the rest of the world combined. Gourmet food tasting and cooking has been an essential part of our family as long as I can remember. Even though my late father was a theater/film director and author, one of his biggest passions was home cooking. His freshly caught trout and crayfish dishes were tasted regularly by many government officials (he believed he contributed this way to Lithuania's liberation movement). Once a year he would spent his full year's salary on fancy restaurant meals so our taste buds would open up. On other occasions my father would invite guests to our home where the party table had nothing but raw unpeeled vegetables, potatoes, eggs still in a shell, whole grain kernels and nuts. I announced to everyone that my future husband would be an American Chef with a Roman nose. Wheather it was a prediction or manifestation, at 20 years of age I met a chef /culinary arts teacher who proposed to me the first day and we got married a few weeks later. Out of five children who all know how to cook , Jeanlu, the second oldest son, has followed in his father's footsteps; and became a chef at a 5 star restaurant. Well, as for me, I created many nutritious organic meals under 3 minutes (recipe book in the making). Here is one of them. The Genius Drink was drunk more often at our house by our children and guests than any other drink. Total prep time: 2 minutes Blend all the ingredients in the blender until smooth. Use locally available ingredients and experiment with volume. The Genius Drink Raw Organic Avocado Cialis Generic Milk 2-4 cups (fresh soy milk, raw cow's, goats, or donkey milk) Hazelnut essence ( experiment with any other organic flavors) Coconut milk or cream (0.5 cup) Sweetening to taste (Sugar in the raw, Stevia or Honey) For a brain boost put in one fresh raw farm egg. Interesting to note that most centenarians 100 years ago like Caucasus mountain inhabitants, Siberians, Lithuanians etc. ate a lot of animal protein; fish, eggs, raw milk, raw kefir and lard. The best first food for babies is an egg yolk. The Masai use the raw butter for their toddlers.

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